Prostate Surgery

Prostate SurgeryProstate surgery called green light laser vaporizes enlarged prostate tissue.  [more]

Robotic Surgeries

Prostate Surgery Prostate surgery has advanced to da Vinci prostatectomy, the robotic surgical system. [more]

Enlarged Prostate Surgery

enlarged prostate surgeryThe newest enlarged prostate surgery is called "the button". [more]

Prostate Surgery

Prostate surgery such as prostate cancer surgery and enlarged prostate surgery are performed by urology specialists. Prostate symptoms are diagnosed and treated by urologists. The male prostate gland is a small, walnut-sized gland that surrounds the urethra (the pathway through which urine flows). If the prostate becomes enlarged, a condition known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), surgery may be performed to clear out tissue from the prostatic urethra to improve urine flow and alleviate many bladder symptoms. If your prostate exam reveals that you are suffering from prostate cancer, then prostate cancer surgery may be performed to remove the cancerous prostate tissue before prostate cancer metastasis (spreading of the cancer) occurs.

Prostate surgery to remove the entire prostate is called a radical prostatectomy. An open prostatectomy removes the prostate with traditional surgical methods using a manual approach with the scalpel to make the incision and complete the prostatectomy. A laparoscopic prostatectomy uses specialized instruments, along with a small camera, that are inserted through small holes in the body. The doctor is able to view the surgical site on a monitor and perform the surgery without extensive cutting or trauma to the body.

A da Vinci prostatectomy is similar to the laparoscopic procedure, except Dr. Fernando Bianco, the Chief of robotic surgery for the Columbia University Division of Urology at Mount Sinai hospital, uses robotic instruments that he controls while sitting at a console. This method allows for greater control and accuracy, along with a quicker recovery time because of a tiny incision, fewer traumas and less bleeding. The da Vinci surgery is performed as a prostate cancer surgery and to remove very large noncancerous prostates.

Several alternative methods focus on ridding the body of prostate cancer. Prostate cryosurgery involves placing thin needles into the prostate to freeze and destroy the prostate cancer cells. Prostate seeding (also known as prostate radiation surgery) involves implanting tiny temporarily radioactive seeds into the prostate that will destroy the cancer cells. Once diagnosed with prostate cancer Dr. Gheiler the founder of Urology Specialists may deem it necessary for hormone therapy to be used.

Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) is performed to remove excess prostate tissue of an enlarged prostate. This urologic surgery involves trimming away excess tissue to relieve the pressure of the prostate on the urethra the number one cause of urinary symptoms in men. Green light laser is another enlarged prostate treatment method that helps relieve urinary retention by removing the enlarged prostate tissue but in a less invasive way. The newest iteration of surgery to remove excess tissue from prostate enlargement is called “the button” which is a small round smooth plate that can both vaporize excess prostate tissue and also cauterize any blood vessels that start bleeding due to being opened up by the vaporization. Initially patients use non-surgical prostate treatment methods to treat BPH, such as taking medication or radio frequency therapy (also known as transurethral needle ablation, or TUNA), which uses low-level radio frequency energy to destroy extra prostate tissue. Another procedure that is performed in our Urology Specialists office is Microwave therapy (also known as transurethral microwave thermotherapy or TUMT) which involves placing a special urinary catheter and microwave antenna into the prostatic urethra to heat and destroy swollen prostate tissue.

Prostate surgery may or may not be necessary, depending on your symptoms, your overall health, and your personal preferences. However, no matter what prostate symptoms you may be experiencing, prostate problems can worsen and cause permanent damage to the urinary tract if left untreated. Our expert physicians at Urology Specialists are highly trained in all of these procedures. If you are experiencing any abnormal urinary symptoms, call our office for an appointment today. We can evaluate your symptoms, provide you a clear and accurate diagnosis, and suggest options to best treat your condition. Urology Specialists world class center offers robotic and laser surgery, clinical research trials and natural medicine holistic solutions.


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